Plant timeline:

1. Plant the seeds

  • Prepare the parts
    Take the seed pot, soil pellet and the seed bag out of the box.
  • Water the soil pellet.
    Put the soil pellet into the pot so that the round surface is showing upwards. Then slowly pour water over the pellet to let the pellet grow. Keep on pouring water over it until no more water can be soaked up.
  • Plant the seeds.
    Then spread the seeds over the soil pellet and carefully press them with your fingers into the soil.
  • Let it grow.
    Regularly water the seeds and enjoy your plant journey.

2. Care for the seeds

  • Watering
    The seeds need to be watered two times a day just a little bit to keep the soil moist. Make sure you don’t use too much water. The soil should be moist but not wet. If the soil dries out quickly, you need to water it more often.
  • Location
    Put the seed pot in a warm (18 °C to 20 °C) and bright place. No direct sunlight. It could burn the seeds.
  • Germination
    The seeds should germinate after 2-3 weeks days.

3. Repot the plant

  • Type of soil
    For this plant, you don’t need any special soil. Standard potting soil will be perfectly fine.

4. Care for the plant

  • Watering the plant
    Keep the soil moist but make sure not to overwater the plant.
  • Location
    The perfect location for this plant is a bright spot and warm spot. Avoid direct sunlight.